Medicare Insurance Plans All-In-One-Place

Medicare Made Simple

MediCareWizard compiles information from more than 250+ insurance carriers offering more than 4,700 different Medicare Insurance plans across the U.S. based on users clients needs.

We provide you ...

• An independent unbiased view of medicare plans from 250+ carriers, and 4,500+ plans.

• The ease of comparing plans by (I) plan cost, (II) PPO/HMO, (III) coverage of your prescription drugs, and more

• The flexibility of managing your experience completely unassisted, or engaging with an agent at any time for guidance

• The ability to work with your own advisor if you prefer, and share your choices and consideration before making your choice of enrollment

• The confidence in your choice of plan, the best value for the coverage you need, and your peace of mind in completing enrollment

Our Mission and Mantra

• Our mission is to ensure that every person eligible for Medicare enrolls in the best plan for oneself, obtaining the care coverage that one needs at the best value.

• And, in helping you decide and enroll, we aim to help you

• Understand Medicare and what plan types are relevant to your situation and needs

• Compare plans available to you from low cost to high cost, and plainly showing what you get for your money

• Gain confidence in your plan choice and enrollment

• MedicareWizard is here to make this simple, understandable, reliable, and tailored for you.

We bring you MedicareWizard

• To answer your Medicare questions

• To show you Medicare coverage plans available in your zip code of residence that meet your needs including your prescription drugs

• To help you compare plans, and ultimately select and enroll in the best plan for you

• We can do this together or you can do this on your own … all online or with guidance from one of our licensed agents just a call or click away.